Audiovox Portable DVD Player Set ~ Top Picks For Christmas

Another awesome giveaway at Minnesota Mama's Must Haves! Remember those days of taking long rides to visit relatives or "go for Sunday drives" as my father put it? Sweltering in the heat with no air conditioning and bored out of your mind? Maybe that was just me. Darn, I wish Audiovox Portable DVD Player's existed in those day! Well, no more boredom (and therefore bickering between the kids and driving you nuts...or maybe that's just me too?) in the back seat! These will strap right to the head rest for hours of entertainment! This baby is 9" of quiet viewing pleasure because it comes with headphone jacks, super sweet! So click the link above the picture and get yourself entered! You got 21 more days :) That's about the Gist of it.