Little Things to Make Life Easier

So this is going to be an ongoing post of little things I've learned along the way that have made life easier/better/etc.

1. Hands smell like the onions you cut yesterday and can't get it off with soap? Sprinkle a little salt in your hands, rub them together and rinse. It's that easy and it works - I've done it several times.

2. Got sand stuck to ya from the beach? Baby powder will take that right off!

3. Want your eggs to taste like they do in the restaurant? Got to add a little flour and milk! Maybe a tsp or more for a couple eggs. They will be so soft and fluffy! And don't forget your salt and pepper!

4. Buying anything online? ALWAYS seach "coupon code or promo code" and then name of the site. At the least you will almost always find free shipping or 10% off your order!

5. Got some extra time on your hands? Try entering blogger giveaways.  They are giveaways/contests that you can actually win - I know because I started entering them about 6 months ago and have one quite a few. Try searching what you want to win along with "blogger giveaway" you never know!

6. Use vegetable oil to shine shoes!

7. I forgot the best one! Got an ant problem? I sure do and it doesn't help that I have a one year old feeding them! Last year I sprayed around the outside of the house (with a yucky chemical mix) which I realized what not a good idea since it probably soaked into the ground and made it to my well? I dunno how that works but this year I tried a all natural approach.  CINNAMON! McCormick worked the best so far. I tried a different brand and oddly it didn't work as well.  This actually works.  The only catch is that you have to leave the cinnamon (once you sweep it up or clean it up they seem to come back).  If you can figure out where they are coming in or where their home is, dump the cinnamon there. Ants HATE cinnamon. I swear this works and I don't have to worry about my daughter getting into any chemicals.