I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but here goes anyway. This is officially my first blog EVER. So I guess I'll start by telling everyone a little about myself. I'm 32 and I had my first child about 10 months ago.  She will be a year old on April 21st and it's been the most amazing experience of my life. I've been married for almost  3 years and we we live in a little log cabin in northwestern PA. I work full time as a video editor/camera operator and commute an hour to work and an hour back everyday. Losing 2 hours a day stinks.  I absolutely LOVE coffee...hmm, that might be related to my morning drive...I just started using Swagbucks and I'm a huge fan of that.  I also enjoy filling out surveys and sweepstakes and I'm slightly obsessed with Sudoku.  All of this is very new to me (except the Sudoku!).  That's enough about me. Now I'll press some tabs and buttons and see what the heck to do after I finish typing!


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